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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> all of this comes two months after they received a federal loan, something watched closely in the wake of the solyndra bankruptcy. >> we bring in scott budman who joins us from san jose at sun power headquarters. scott, what do you have? >> reporter: well, raj, to be honest, the latest sunpower quarterly numbers weren't all that bad. but given the latest thing any numbers that break below even are cause for concern. when san jose-based solar panel maker sunpower announced plans to cut costs, green tech watchers wondered if we were about to see another solyndra. >> it will mean that there is a reduction in force. >> reporter: sunpower's ceo tom warner confirmed to us that there will be layoffs in the future. he says probably about 100 cuts from a workforce of close to 5,000. but sunpower also got government loans, and that's our taxpayer dollars. warner says it's a different scenario. >> the loan is for a project.
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that project has pge as the customer paying for the power. so the income from the project is known and is contracted. and it's for a project, not a company. >> reporter: after growing by about 90% per year for five years, the solar industry is now much slower. growth is now about 10% a year. should we worry? >> it's a hiccup, right? so maybe there is a good long-term trend in demand, but the short-term trends may not be so good. but i think that's going to change over time. >> solar isn't one technology there are multiple different panels, different cell types. and we're seeing here in silicon valley that we have innovation continuing, private sector funding, grants, we are seeing growth in the industry. i don't think we have anything to be worried about. >> reporter: business is not booming right now, but solar still has bright hopes. >> we're putting pieces in place that cause us to deliver those results over the next few years.
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so we're absolutely positioning for success. >> reporter: a couple more points from the latest sun power report. the company says its chief financial officer is stebing down. so there is management void to fill here. on the other hand, the company is making its panels more cheaply, even rivaling chinese companies when it comes to solar panel efficiency. it also doesn't hurt that the company is building a solar-covered parking lot to our right. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, scott. pge says it has spotted a leak in a gas transmission line in one peninsula neighborhood. the utility company was hydro testing the pipe when workers noticed that league. now pg&e says the leak in the 24-inch pipe is the size of a pinhole. but the concern it's caused much larger. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at page mill road where engineers are doing the testing. damian, this is not just any pipe we're talking about. >> reporter: no. this is one of the main transition lines through the
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peninsula, jessica. those workers are going to be working through the night behind me to make sure they do spot this leak and they make those repairs. again, we have to emphasize that we're using water pressure to test the pipe and its water leak that they detected so they now have to go back in and make those repairs. this is the crew that spotted the leak from their test site on page mill road in palo alto. they noticed there was an overnight drop in water pressure during their test. >> this morning we confirmed that this drop in pressure was due to a small pinhole leak in the line, about a millimeter in diameter. >> reporter: pg&e says the hole wasn't there before. it was the elevated pressure testing that caused the problem. they hope to find the exact location of the leak by saturday. >> we'll excavate that area, make repairs, and then retest the pipe. >> reporter: this is pg&e's 60th test site since the san bruno explosion. first they drained the gas from the pipeline, which is what neighbors smelled the last
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couple of days. >> yesterday you could smell how bad it was. so i thought it was here, but they told me it was across the street. >> reporter: once the gas is out of the pipe, they fill it with water and raise the pressure to test its integrity. >> there are weaknesses in our system, we want them to be identified through strength testing like this. >> reporter: so in essence, the testing in palo alto worked. the 54-year-old pipe had a problem, and now pg&e is fixing it. and again, the workers will be here for the next few days. they have to find that leak, and then make the repairs, and then retest that pipe to make sure that its integrity is still intact to flow the gas through that main gas line. again, here through the peninsula. pg&e isn't too worried because, again, they spotted this leak in time. we're live in palo alto, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you. jaycee dugard doesn't want another child to experience the horror she suffered as a kidnap victim. so she has produced a public
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service announcement for her foundation. today we got our first look. >> hi, this is jaycee dugard. just ask yourself to care. if you see something that looks wrong or amiss, speak out. >> dugard established the foundation last year to support families which have suffered abduction or other traumas. she became a household name after the arrest of her kidnappers, philip and nancy garrido. they held her captive at their east bay home in antioch, their compound for 18 years. new tonight at 6:00, coming soon to a theater near you, steve jobs, the lost interview. the entire 70 minute interview with jobs was done for the pbs miniseries "triumph of the nerds." the original interview was thought to be lost. but a vhs tape with the interview on it was found in the director's garage. the interview was done between jobs' stints at apple after he was forced out in 1985 and before he was brought back in 1996.
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landmark theaters will screen it at 17 locations around the country in november. so just a few weeks from now. it will be shown locally in palo alto, berkeley, and san francisco. groupon offered investors a deal today, but there was no discount. the chicago-based digital coupon company sold stock for the first time today. groupon shares jumped 30% on day one, making the company the sixth most valuable internet company in the u.s. sadly, it's a story that is playing out in cities all across the bay area, police departments shutting down, landing their duties instead in the laps of county sheriff's departments. >> it might happen to another city on the peninsula. this weekend millbrae residents will speak their mind about who handles their public safety. nbc bay area's traci grant has the story in millbrae. good evening. >> reporter: the mayor told us things have become somewhat dysfunctional here at the millbrae police department because there is so much uncertainty about the future. now some of these officers could
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still end up protecting and serving the city, but they may also end up answering to the sheriff. if the city council allows this takeover. >> if there is a break-in or something, you want to make sure that there is police protection, or if somebody is being held up. you know, we need that. >> reporter: millbrae resident inga johnson plans to show up at a meeting tomorrow to finally get answers about the future of public safety in her city. the millbrae mayor and city council will go point by point through a proposal to outsource police services to the san mateo county sheriff's department. if approved, millbrae will follow the lead of half moon bay and san carlos, who let the sheriff's office take over its police departments last year. mayor daniel quigg says millbrae is having trouble staying afloat. other services like the water department may make revenue, but no matter how many tickets the police department writes they
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will never be able to cover. >> they have bigger opportunities. they have a bigger department. >> reporter: quigg says millbrae could save $1.5 million despite the fact that the officers will actually be getting raises. san carlos mayor andy klein says it worked in his city because unlike the local police department, the sheriff's office is so big that it doesn't have to keep as much extra personnel ready to fill in for people who are sick or on vacation. klein says san carlos has the same staffing levels and response times as before. while quigg says he hasn't completely made up his mind, he believes this choice may be inevitable, and not just for millbrae. >> it's just going to be very difficult for small communities to provide the full service because the salaries are expensive, the benefits are expensive. it's just very difficult. >> reporter: well, the san carlos mayor says the transition went so smoothly in his town, that many of the residents didn't realize it had actually taken place. the millbrae police union says
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most of the police officers are in favor of this takeover. now the city will find out more about how residents are feeling tomorrow at a 9:00 a.m. town hall meeting. live in millbrae, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, traci. in the meantime, san mateo's county manager is stepping down, saying he and the birthday of supervisors just don't see eye to eye. david bosch's last day will be november 15th. bosch has been on the job since 2008. he says he is not sold on the approximately for a new jail which has no clear funding source, and there is no word on who will be the next manager of the city. facebook being called the anti-social network in one east bay high school after a rash of fights instigated in part by fausbook parts. oakley's liberty high school officials are asking parents to talk to their kids about what they post in line. fights ran the gamut from comments about hair extensions to comprehending the bible.
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15 students, boys and girls, have been suspended for fighting. recent research shows a quarter of kids between 10 and 18 have been mistreated online. now to the big chill. the bay area is dealing with the dramatic drop in temperatures. surely you have felt it. and rain is in the forecast for your weekend. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i see a very active weather map next to you. >> it's all about the jet stream this time of year and where it's positioned. and right now it's dropped well down into southern california. so that's enabled this river of very cold air to push in here across theay area all the way down toaouthern california. let's take these graphics. and what you're going to be able to note here is it's i going to prode air cold enough topr possibly drop temperatures below 30 degrees. the last time that happened was back on april 9th so it's been six to seven months for some of us getting air this cold. as for tonight, look at this. 11:00 p.m., some,f the coldest levels in the north bay with low 40s. and then by 5:00 a.m., temperatures dropping intoehe 30s.
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it's going to get even colder, between 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. rtthin'sathen we have the colde of thepamorninrn d that's why we have this frost advisory in effect for napa and sonoma counties, or we could look at tperatures dropping into the 20s from santa rosa to petaluma. also includingaap n and sonoma valleys right on the grapevine. if the cold is not capold enoug ina chance of thunderstorms and sierra snow that storm about 400 miles away. we're tracking it and will have the time loan on it coming up in minutes. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, caught off guard. we're going to take you live to the sierra for a look at the slippery conditions, which actually surprised a lot of drivers. also coming up, saying no to a big bank. the prominent silicon valley businessman making a massive withdrawal to prove a point. and then the construction project that could prove to be a big headache for drivers this evening. back in a moment. california should be proud.
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than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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what's old is new again, maybe. there is a renewed push to restore train service on the old dunbarton rail bridge. the train tracks run south of the bridge where the cars travel. until 1982, freight trains used the span. and ever since there has been talk of running a commuter rail line there. this time, the san mateo county transit district is leading the charge to get that commuter rail line going. a series of community meetings will be held next week to gauge public interest. a follow-up now to a story we reported on tuesday. one of the three san francisco police officers involved in a car accident remains in serious condition. we've learned the other two officers have been released following treatment for their injuries that they suffered during a single car crash on tuesday morning. sfpd is trying to determine what caused their unmarked ford sedan to hit a light pole. there will be heavy traffic delays, and they may begin as
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soon as tonight. construction near san francisco's presidio and the entrance to the golden gate bridge could bring cars to the halt. the ramp from northbound highway 1, northbound 101 will be closed beginning at 9:30 tonight. crews are working on the main bridge there. it could mean slowing and detours through night and into tomorrow morning. drivers are being asked to take lombard and avoid highway 1. but rain could push the construction back even a day. this is all part of the $1 billion plan to replace doral drive, a project expected to be hopefully completed by 2015. now nearly one in seven people in santa clara county is living in poverty. every day sacred heart community service hands out groceries to some 375 families. today, though, even busier as people crowded in to find out how they can register for the annual holiday food and toy giveaway. >> like santa clara county, with so much wealth, the fact that there is so many people living, having to make a choice between a roof over their head or
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keeping the lights on, or having enough food for their kids or health care, it's devastating. we're actually going to need a lot of help to get us through this holiday season. >> sacred heart will begin registering people for the holiday drive tomorrow morning. 4,000 families will receive thanksgiving care packages. those are meant to last a week. and then another 3,000 families will receive help with christmas meals and presents. sacred heart, though, needs help. they need donations and volunteers to help with all those holiday events. we started with the week with summer weather, and now we have this. get that winter jacket out, and reprogram your furnace. rain in the bay area forecast this weekend we means snow in the sierra. let's bring in our sister station in sacramento with more. >> reporter: slick conditions are something that had this trucker literally spinning his wheels today. >> that's, you know, spinning. >> reporter: but he wasn't alone. what was it like driving earlier? >> it was pure ice, shiny ice.
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>> reporter: this is a look at why. overnight snow that sierra residents say dumped 4 to 9 inches of early november snow. >> i didn't think it would be this much. it's a little early. >> reporter: the chp says so many drivers were unprepared for winter conditions today that they had to deal with a five-mile-long backup due to a stuck unprepared big rig driver on eastbound i-80, as well as other problems. >> if they had their chains, proper fitting chains and were prepared for the weather, then a lot of the traffic would have been achieve updated. >> reporter: how long did the weather and unprepared drivers delay some drivers? listen to what happened to this trucker, and how long he is now stuck in the sierra, i ran out of hours of service. i'm stuck for 34 hours. >> reporter: so you have to wait it out, basically? >> yeah, to the next storm. >> mick mike desell reporting. >> kind of looks like you have
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to get the chains. jeff ranieri joins us now. we're talking maybe snow there, but very, very cold and some rain did i hear you say? >> yes, i know. we're all about the cold that is gripping us now. but we have another wet weather storm headed our way as well. and yes, it's even going to mean another layer of sierra snow. let's take a look. i did a comparison here for you over the past five days. and you see those numbers on monday started off with near record-setting heat out here across oakland, also san jose with 78. and we had 74 in fremont, all the way down to the mid and upper 50s today. so daytime highs, we topped out at 59 in livermore. 59 in gilroy. 60 in santa rosa, and 56 in san francisco. decent rebound when you think where we're started in those low to mid-30s. temperatures well below average for today, especially for interior sections. anywhere from about 8 to 12 degrees off the mark. so as we look at our radar right now as it scans around, we are
6:19 pm
currently dry over the 350-plus mile radius. as we zoom in, the dry conditions, the clear conditions as well tonight are leading to some very cold weather. we do have our frost advisory in effect as we talked about before from santa rosa all the way down to novato, where temperatures in napa and sonoma counties could even dip into the 20s. so as for right now, we do have clear skies in san francisco. 53 degrees. winds out of the west at 20 miles per hour. in advance of this storm system. and current numbers, well, they're dropping off quickly here. already mid-50s right now livermore, also san jose. 56 in may ward and currently 57 in novato. no matter where you are tonight, you're going to need the layers. you need the jacket and hat because it's going to get cold. and one of the keys to the cold weather out here are the winds are going to start to relax. right now they're from 5 to 20 miles per hour. but as the winds start to slacken up, it's going to allow that patchy frost the start here throughout the north bay. so for tonight here it is. clear and also cold. you can see the beginning signs of that next storm system on the
6:20 pm
edge of our screen. and as we zoom out, what you'll find, it's getting pretty close. only about 400 miles away. and that cold air of course is going to be staying as we talked about. so this next storm system does look like it's also going to be stronger with potentially a quarter to maybe a half inch of rainfall here from the north bay down to the south bay. so it looks like it's going to be a wetter storm for us across all of the bay area. and as we take you right tao the numbers for tonight, we'll look at low 40s here in the north bay. also mid 40s in the east and the south bay. 5:00 a.m., temperatures in the 30s up into the north bay. we're going to see it dropping even colder as we head into 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. and by 1:00 p.m., only the mid-50s expect aid cross the bay area. we'll have more on the weather coming up, guys, including that sierra snow. >> okay, thank you, jeff. still ahead at 6:00, back in her owner's arms. an emotional reunion today involving an owner a a cat. and a group of moms get involved in the occupy protest in oakland.
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the newly released numbers tonight show just exactly how much the protests are costing the city. and a rare glimpse into san francisco's past. the to revealing something not seen for more than 100 years. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch.
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before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. a silicon valley businessman is donating $100 million to stanford university. the goal to end poverty in developing countries. robert king and his wife dorothy are donating the money to the graduate school of business to establish a new institute to promote entrepreneurship around the world. that's not all. the couple is also matching up to $50 million in future donations to stanford. 76-year-old king founded
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peninsula capital in menlo park, and also provided seed money to develop china's leading search engine. if only these walls could talk. and now they are talking, so to speak. this weekend, san francisco's historic presidio will host a special tour of the old officer's quarters. some current construction work is giving us a rare glimpse inside the walls. here is nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. >> reporter: anywhere you go in san francisco's presidio, you're confronted by history. but in the old officers club, workers are digging even deeper into the past, peeling away the layers, century by century. >> the site has been continuously occupied since 1776. so we know the original walls were from 1776. >> reporter: beneath concrete and plaster, crews have exposed the building's original adobe walls. it's all part of a $15 million project aimed at restoring one of san francisco's oldest buildings. with walls constructed of mud
6:25 pm
and other materials, it takes a specially trained crew from new mexico using old techniques to perform a modern retrofit. >> even though we have had to purchase our adobe bricks, everything else we're doing to repair the adobe would be to repair the original methods used in 1776. >> the process is to put a dry pack of mud in here. >> reporter: in some ways, you could say adobe expert pate lore has always been covered by mud. >> i grew up in an adobe hand. >> reporter: taylor now trains other crafts people to restore old adobes. it's an ancient building technique handed down through generations. >> i always tell the guys that we've worked our whole life to get to this point. we take all the experiences and apply them to here. >> reporter: since it was founded by the spanish in 1776, the old officers club has been subject to multiple eras of style. the army gave it a victorian look in 1885. then came a spanish colonial makeover. >> the last couple of weeks we've been able to take off some
6:26 pm
of the more modern finishes and uncover the victorian era finishes and underneath that the adobe finishes from 1810. >> reporter: now for the first time since 1885, the old walls are once again seeing light, at least for now. most will be restored and recovered. some will remain on display as a glimpse into a past. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> the old officers club is so neat to look at. well, still ahead at 6:00, the numbers are in. we're getting a look at how much the occupy oakland protests are costing oakland. plus police release a new individual that shows the chaos and violence that erupted during those protests. a prominent silicon valley businessman severs ties with bank of america after 40 years. i'm marianne favro. i'll tell you why he is asking others to do the same. and congresswoman gabrielle giffords releases her memoir. we'll let you know what she says
6:27 pm
she is promising to do. your iphone is listening to you more than you realize. one of the founders of siri talks to us about talking technology. and garrett camp sells his company only to buy it back again. the stumble upon founder on lessons learned. >> on the next press here, sunday at 9:00 a.m. sponsored by chevron. [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road.
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first amendment rights aren't cheap. oakland is tallying the cost of the occupy movement. city officials say responding to last week's events alone total in order than $1 million. >> and they're still agenda up the bills from this week's damage. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez shows us that the chamber of commerce is warning that oakland may pay an even higher price as now businesses are considering pulling the plug. >> we work so hard. >> reporter: but those who work at this downtown doctor's office say it's tough to get work done these days as the occupy oakland camp flourishes outside. and as a faction of the protests turns destructive this week. >> i think it's time for them to leave. i mean there is no need, no more. we got the point. we understand what the country's
6:30 pm
through. but no more. >> reporter: sylvia gibson says they had to cancel 30 procedures this week when protests took a violent turn. she says many patients are now calling in to say they're too scared to come in anymore. >> that they're afraid to come here, and thatbow2 to have to find another doctors in another area. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: the president of oakland's chamber of commerce says at least three businesses that plan to set up shop in oakland have pulled out. >> something has to happen, and it needs to happen right away. i mean, we can't allow this to continue. it's illegal activity. >> reporter: business workers and leaders say mayor jean kwan has turned her back on them as she has embraced the cause and turned her back and refused to turn them out. >> part of her role is to enhance economic development. and we had economic development in reverse because of her action. >> reporter: with occupiers now rooted downtown, many worry what else they'll face in the days to come in. oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news.
6:31 pm
>> we tried to contact mayor kwan for a response to the story, but she did not make herself available. core protesters with occupy oakland say the demonstrators responsible for the violence and vandalism that occurred throughout the city this week do not represent their movement. another rally is planned in oakland this weekend, but not for the occupy movement. tomorrow friends and family of oscar grant are scheduled to rally in downtown oakland to mark the one-year anniversary since the sentencing of johannes messerly. a group of oakland moms marched to a wells fargo and closed their accounts today. the group calls itself colorful mamas of the 99%. they demonstrated on a branch outside franklin street just after noon. the 40 moms and kids say they're angry at the big bank for taking federal bailout moment before posting a record profit. >> it is necessary. i feel like corporations have gone many years without paying their fair share of taxes. and this is our way to get their attention and pay their fair
6:32 pm
share. >> a spokesperson for wells fargo told the media that the bank donate in order than $200 million to charity last year and paid $30 billion in taxes in the last decade. for continuing coverage of the occupy oakland movement, stay with us on air and online. you can check out our website, well, money talks, or at least that's what one south bay businessman is counting on. today he announced he is withdrawing all of his money from bank of america. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live in san jose to tell us more about this bold move that he is hoping will have others do the same, marianne. >> you're exactly right. well, mike locks owns this beverage distribution business you see behind me ein san jose. he says he has seen too many people lose their homes because bank of america didn't do enough to work with them. he is hoping by withdrawing big bucks, he'll be able to make a difference. me fox and company in san jose started as a small business more
6:33 pm
than 40 years ago. and during those four decades, owner mike sr. did business with bank of america. but not anymore. >> today i want to announce that i'm die investing my personal bank accounts from the bank of america immediately. >> reporter: fox says he is pulling out hundreds and thousands of dollars from his personal account because he says bank of america is not working with customers desperate to modify their loans to keep their homes. >> have just seen the bank become less and less responsive to the needs of a community. >> reporter: fox says he also plans to move an 8 to $10 million line of credit held by his company from b of a to another bank. bank of america issued this response, saying every customer is important to us. we are sorry to hear about mr. fox's plans. it is important our customers are aware of all that bank of america does for the community. this is especially true regarding bank of america's extensive work to help keep people in their homes.
6:34 pm
the bank also points out it has modified more than 193,000 mortgages in california since the housing crisis began in 2008. but many of the parishioners here at most holy trinity catholic church in san jose don't see it that way. the church did a survey of parishioners and found b of a was pursuing a majority of the foreclosures, and the bank had offered the fewest loan modifications to struggling families. so the church is also speaking with action. >> yes. the church and the school are both divesting from bank of america. >> reporter: pulling out about $200,000. fox hopes more will follow in his footsteps. while he may be a member of the exclusive 1% club, he is more interested in being part of the group that makes a real difference. fox is also hoping that others who are members of the 1% group will follow in his footsteps tomorrow during bank transfer
6:35 pm
day. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay, marianne, thank you. another story now. try again. the white house rejecting a subpoena for its internal documents on fremont-based and bankrupt solyndra. >> nbc bay area's janelle wang is here with today's national headlines for us. >> reporter: president obama's top lawyer urged house republicans to take another crack at writing their subpoenas for internal white house documents pertaining to solyndra. the general counsel says the request was too broad, and they plan to accommodate when the request is more focused. the obama administration is under fire for granting the solar company a half billion low interest loan in 2010, and praising it for its work. then this past september, solyndra declared bankruptcy. well, no verdict yet. day one of jury deliberations in the dr. conrad murray trial wrapped up today.rors are conte count of involuntary manslaughter against dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's personal doctor.
6:36 pm
they have to consider 22 days of testimony from witnesses, including dr. murray's former patients, jackson's former security guard, and medical experts. here is legal analyst mark geragos. >> if they go past friday at 4:00, that's the bewitching hour and go into next week, then that means that this jury is struggling. with coming to a verdict. >> the prosecution argued that dr. murray was reckless by injecting the sing were prop foll follow. if convicted he could face four years in prison. shocked, shocked, scary. those are the three words congresswoman gabrielle giffords used to describe what she remembers from the day she was shot in the head. the new details are revealed in her memoir. in the book she details how she collapsed in grief and had trouble getting through therapy when she found out six people were killed in the shooting rampage this past january. it also revealed that at the time, giffords had been quietly
6:37 pm
trying to get pregnant with her nasa astronaut husband, who has since retired. the 40-year-old vows to return to congress. and by the way, the memoir lands in book stores on november 15th. >> a fascinating read, i'm sure. thank you, janelle. the co-founder of the bay areas chips and salsa company was sentenced to 38 years to life in prison for sexual assaults on a 13-year-old girl and a 25-year-old woman. san pablo resident luis campos was found guilty for the attacks that occurred in 2007. campos and his wife founded casa chicas, a successful chips and salsa company whose products are sold by whole foods and luckies. tonight we have new information on a car that a 15-year-old girl who has been missing since monday may be traveling in. pleasanton police seychelle by harris was last seen at alma door high school. police say she is probably with gavin mcfate. he is wanted on an outstanding felony warrant. at this point it's unknown whether harris went with mcfate
6:38 pm
willingly, or whether she was taken by force. they do know tonight, though, that the two may be traveling in a late 1990s black honda, possibly an accord or civic with the california license place 4p as in paul, rm200. still ahead here at 6:00, back home. a remarkable reunion today involving a missing cat here in the bay area. plus, the story of a bay area doctor who helped treat wounded soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. looks warm on the sky camera network from the east bay tonight towards san francisco. we all know it is chilly and blustery out there across the bay area. current numbers and daytime highs only in the 50s, including san jose, with just a high of 58 degrees. we'll talk about the cold, and we'll also talk about our frost advisory and this new storm developing. a lot here in just a few minutes. [ mom ] hey guys.
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you may have more friends than you know on your facebook page. the cia is closely following people's posts and tweets. a new report says the cia has a team dedicated to poring over social networking pages. analysts check out mostly overseas, deciphering messages in all languages. the team focused on the twitterssphere, trying to get a sense of the public's mood on particular world events, like the killing of osama bin laden. analysts look at up to five million tweets a day. this is not surprising. some of the best doctors in the world are here in the bay area. and one of them is back home after two weeks treating soldiers wounded in iraq and afghanistan. dr. taj singh is at el camino hospital in mountainview. he spent the past two weeks at an army hospital in germany operating on patients and the latest treatment on damaged arteries and veins. the program, to send u.s.
6:42 pm
surgeons to help u.s. servicemen and women began in 2006 there is now a waiting list of doctors who want to help. well, top honors for innovation and outreach go to the san jose public library. it's the only one on the west coast to win the nation's highest honor for a library or museum. it's given for innovative approaches for community outreach. the library director was known for developing programs and methods that have redefined the role of the library in our area. jeff ranieri is here. the man of the hour. everyone is chilly or looking for their umbrella. >> we have a lot going on. one of the benefits of the blustery weather going on outside, we get some excellent visibility. you're like what, that's it? >> that's a gorgeous shot. >> yes. all that cold air helps to evaporate any cloud cover as we get a little mini pan there. master control hard at work. we're going to talk more about when the clear skies are going to turn cloudy with more rain, in just a few minutes. coming up in sports, we've all made mistakes. but you don't want to miss how a computer mistake may have cost
6:43 pm
surfer his 11th world title. the raiders try to get back in the win column. will they have to do it without the services of run dm? find out later. sports is coming up. t
6:44 pm
a little microchip helped bring big emotions today in san
6:45 pm
francisco. this white cat normally lives on a boat. but four months ago she went awol and ended up at the spca, turned in as a stray. because she was microchipped, workers were able to reunite her with the crab fisherman who owns her. pudding really liked all the attention. >> look at you. maybe i should take you to hollywood or something. >> her owner kevin snow looked for pudding for weeks. it's not clear where she was, but some time in the past four months, she had a litter of kittens too. she has now been spayed, is recovering from surgery. shelter workers say without the microchip, pudding never would have been reunited with her owner. not that we normally don't, but tonight specifically we have to pay close attention to the forecast because it's going to be changing and going in and out. >> and you should be bringing all your cats in tonight, right? >> yes, your cats, your dogs. >> rabbit? >> yes. somebody in the studio wasn't paying attention. we have the fan on here. it's not that hot, you guys. let's take a look outside in oakland right now. it does look warm here, at least
6:46 pm
from the view. we all know different if you're outside today. temperatures budging a little bit. once we saw just that small warm-up here in the morning. 59 degrees here in oakland. winds west at 17 miles per hour. a real spectacular look here from the east bay right into san francisco. now as the radar scans around, we are currently dry here from the north all the way down to the south bay. and we're going to see that change here as we head throughout the next 48 hours. but for tonight, it's all about the cold, the frost advisory here for the north bay. temperatures going from 28 to 35 degrees from santa rosa down to petaluma. the winds also starting to relax. we need the winds to get below 5 miles per hour in many cases. starting to see the frost form. we do think it's going to happen, not only near santa rosa, but for napa and sonoma valleys where temperatures could go below the 30 degree mark. we haven't seen that happen since april 9th. so about seven months for many of us since we've had temperatures this cold. this frost advisory goes from
6:47 pm
novato down to san rafael, where temperatures will be slightly warmer, 33 to 38 degrees. right now across the sierra we do have a few lingering snowshowers across highway 50 near the summit. temperatures in the 30s, and winds at about 10 miles per hour. we're going to have a lot more snow and have a few of that in just a second. let's get a look at the cold, some of the coldest air in the south bay. 54 in san jose. 54 in santa rosa. you see that blue there? that's which michigan computer picking up on 40 degree temperatures that will be here in just about the next two hours. if you're heading out tonight, you need the jacket. you need the hat. you need the layers. for this weekend you'll need that umbrella with another colder storm coming our way. and yet again another storm system coming in my seven-day forecast. so let's get a look at the satellite loop. the cloud cover is a lot more intense with this. we do have more rainfall we're going to be tracking as this moves in. compared to the last storm, which is a little dryer compared to the overall rainfall totals. s that continues to ramp up and move across the bay area the next 48 hours, we will look at potentially upwards of a quarter inch of rainfall. and well, that blustery and
6:48 pm
chilly air not going anywhere. just 50s inland here for saturday. and then as we head throughout sunday, we're looking at the rainfall continuing into the earliest hours of the morning. as we head throughout saturday, we'll have the clouds here for the morning. and then as we head throughout the evening hours, 6:00, 7:00, the first bout of rainfall with some of the heaviest rainfall in the early overnight hours from 1:00, 2:00, and three income the morning, right here across the south bay and also for the east bay. and then by 6:00 a.m., we're just picking up cloud cover. i do think there is going to be enough instability left that throughout all of sunday we could have some isolated thunderstorms popping. otherwise, for you skiers heading up to lake tahoe, by sunday we're looking at another potential here of 6 to 12 inches with this latest storm system coming across the bay area. for tonight, coldest spot santa rosa, 31. 32 in napa. 35 in san rafael. 37 in livermore and 36 in fairfield. even 40s for our bayside communities and 30s in los gatos. if you are turning on the heaters, especially the space heaters, just be careful.
6:49 pm
every year when those get fired up, we tend to have accidents happen. make sure they're away from curtains and your bed as you try and stay warm with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow. it's going to be pretty uniform, cold dome of air with us. we look at this rain beginning tomorrow night into early sunday with a chance of isolated thunderstorms continuing through sunday. clear weather monday and tuesday. and our next storm as we head throughout wednesday and thursday of next week. oh, we get an extra hour of sleep, if i haven't said that enough this week. >> that i cannot say enough. >> yes! >> happy friday to you. exactly. >> let's get to sports. >> and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> okay, go ahead. this is your favorite sportscaster. >> henry joins us from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. hi, henry. >> hey, jessica! how you? hopefully all the well. i had a quick question forage. raj, are you a niner or radar fan? >> wow. >> ooh, put him on the spot. >> you want the truth?
6:50 pm
i grew up a big raiders fan, but in the last several years working with jerry rice and watching everything, i've really enjoyed the niners as well. how is that for straddling the fence. >> jessica, it's true. somebody told me he looks in the mirror when he is doing raider highlights because he is not interested. >> no, no! >> here is the mirror. >> no wonder he never has a hair out of place that raj is a good-looking guy. let's move on to football. the hungry 49ers have been the best in the west, but this weekend they plan to feast out east against the struggling redskins. look out for some good football. resurging 49ers head to the nation's capital, looking for their sixth straight win, which san francisco hasn't done in nearly 14 years. one major factor for the team's success, their play on the d.oa jamie sire has more on the 49ers, aka road warriors. >> reporter: playing in the eastern time zone is no big deal for the west coast 49ers.
6:51 pm
they have won three games with 10:00 a.m. pacific start times. four would make it a first in more than 20 years. >> you have to be really dialed in to be what you're trying to do. you can't let the crowd noise affect you. i think we've been doing a good job of keeping that to a minimum. and just playing well. >> i have a lot more confidence now than we did the first time, you know, that we got together, even the first time we went on an east coast road trip that really comes from the way the players are going about their business and preparing. >> reporter: one thing that brought the team closer was the week-long trip to youngstown in between two east coast road games. it forced the players to bond, and it seems to have carried over. >> oh, man. youngstown was crazy. i think it was the point where we clicked. we was in their home. so we was out of our comfort zone. and we had to practice in different facilities. so guys were just bonding.
6:52 pm
and when we was at the hotel, we spent a lot of time with each other, getting to know each other better. and i think that's where we clicked. >> reporter: and san francisco has the opportunity to move to 7-1 with the victory this weekend. that's something they haven't done since 1997. reporting from santa clara, i'm jame sire for nbc bay area. >> thank you jaymee. meanwhile, the not so good news for the silver and black. darrin mcfadden has been ruled out for the game sunday as he is still hobbled with a sprained right foot. for more on the raiders's next plan of attack, john henry joins us from alameda. >> reporter: in two days we get a first look at a fully prepared carson palmer as he prepares to make his first start of the season against denver. hugh jackson has bet two high draft picks that palmer is the man to take the raiders to the next level. >> obviously i have a comfort
6:53 pm
level myself. i do. i think his teammates is the most important thing. i think they now have a confidence level in him too because they've seen him work on and off the field. and i think guys appreciate that i think that's how you endear yourself to your teammates. when they watch your commitment to learning an offense and going out and practicing and executing, that's how you gain their trust and their acceptance. and me knowing him, that's the number one thing he wanted to do. the second thing he wanted to do is play well and help this team win. i think he's had some really goodies of practice. >> carson palmer will have a familiar face to throw to sunday. coach jackson says he feels very comfortable in putting tj will only have had three days of practice going into his first game. i'm john henry smith for nbc bay area. >> thank you, john henry. by the way, both cal and stanford will be in action saturday.
6:54 pm
unbeaten cardinal will take on oregon state in corvallis while cal will be at home against washington state. and also a mistake made in surfing. kelly slater, who we thought won the asp title. it turned out there was a miscalculation. therefore, he has to win one more heat before he is named the champion. back to you, jessica and raj. but jessica, i put raj on the spot. now i have to ask you. who is your favorite team? >> i like everybody. >> her favorite team. >> everybody? >> her favorite team is neiman marcus! [ laughter ] >> he's mad because i showed him your mirror. >> exactly. exactly. raj, you're wrong for that, okay? >> thanks, henry. have a good weekend. >> for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, watch sportscast central at 10:30. be right back. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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[ female announcer ] get access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news, imagine a floating nation off the coast of san francisco, free from government regulation. it's not science fiction, but a philosophy that is actually gaining momentum. see how a community at sea with no government interference could spur political change back home on the mainland. that's tonight at 11:00 after anu "dateline." >> have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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